No Floss Professional Gloss Dental Hygiene Scaler

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Professional Dental Tartar Hygiene Tools Made From 100% Medical Stainless Steel in Accordance With International Standards. Choose from Pointed Scaler or Spoon Scaler.

Removes plaque and debris deep between teeth and below gumline where brushing and string flossing can't reach.

You have to try this to believe how well it finds and effortlessly removes all the hidden bits with no risk of it getting caught between the teeth and leaving more behind than you started with!

Ok...we admit a little hand/eye coordination is definitely required, but you get use to it really quickly....and then maybe become a tad addicted!

Note: *Not recommended for scraping or scratching teeth, not recommended for poking eyes, not recommended for use by minors or animals, probably not recommended by dentists, so please keep in a safe place, use with caution, at own risk. (that should cover it 🤔)

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