Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Pens

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We all need to them, but how many of those pens are now contributing to the destruction of the environment?

So now we have billions of plastic pen barrels which cannot be recycled and will exist on the earth for thousands of years after the pen is discarded!

But we think this is a pretty perfect and easy solution. Our pens are classy, stylish, and more importantly they are super eco-friendly!

  • Made from recycled paper
  • Biodegradable once used (aside from ink tube and tip)
  • Remove tube and tip and pop into the garden or compost
  • Blue or Black ink colors
  • Handy lid so no spills
  • Perfect eco-gifts to help encourage friends
  • Best way to show your company is future focused!

Given that they are made from recycled paper pulp so you can buy and use up as many of them as you like secure in the knowledge that you are not contributing to the further pollution of the earth.

The nib is beautifully crafted and makes for neat and attractive handwriting and the ink reserve will last a long time so you do not need to worry about replacing the pen until it becomes absolutely necessary. Everyone in your office will want to know where you obtained these pens and will want to buy some of their own - why not treat them?

If you are interested in branded promotional pens for your company or event please fill in the details on our contact form and we will get back to you.

Why not write your future dreams with a pen that supports a future!