Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Top Selling - 304 Grade

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This Listing Is For 1 x 20 Pack Of 304 Grade Stainless Steel Pegs

Click Here For Grades:201, 304,316 (marine grade)

Are you sick of chasing washing around the yard, breaking pegs and wasted plastic? We have sold thousands of these pegs to hundreds of happy kiwi customers.

Our wire Pegs are manufactured as a unique one-piece design and are a long-lasting solution to plastic and timber pegs that fade, crack and become brittle over time.

Made from Stainless Steel wire, with a grade to suit every situation, please be sure to order the right grade for your requirements and if cared for properly last you a lifetime.

The different grades reflect rust resistance. 316 is marine grade and is best near the ocean or if left outside long term. 304 is the next one down, and 201 is not designed to be left in the outdoor conditions. Hope that helps 😁


Standard: 1.8mm wire: Good grip, suitable for most situations.

Strong: 2mm wire: Strong grip, suitable for very windy areas or for heavy items.

*note that some old wire lines may catch the clothing with the firm grip on the stainless pegs.

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