Stainless Steel Best Quality Clothes Pegs - 316 Marine Grade

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These high quality, tough and versatile clothes pins will replace all of those plastic pegs and stop them exploding in your hand when your running late!


FYI: Click here for Stainless Steel Pegs in Grade 201 , and Grade 304.

This means that they will stand up to windy days and severe weather. These are better for the environment than your current clothespins because they do not degrade like wooden pins and do not need to be replaced as often as plastic pins.

They are sturdy enough to stand up to years of regular use and the awesome 'one continuous loop' technology means there is literally NO bits that can break!

They are made of stainless steel and are durable enough that the marine grade can be left outside for an extended periods of time. You are sure to find a myriad of uses for these stainless steel pins, whether it is hanging your clothing on the line to dry or hanging decorations for an outdoor party.

Whatever the use you choose you can be confident that these pins will keep your items safe and secure. You can also be confident that you are helping protect the environment from unneeded plastic pollution whenever you use these pegs.

The different grades reflect rust resistance. 316 is marine grade and is best near the ocean or if left outside long term. 304 is the next one down, and 201 is not designed to be left in the outdoor conditions. Hope that helps 😁

Sizes: Standard, Strong, Long.

Standard 1.7mm wire: Good grip, suitable for most situations.

Strong 2mm wire: Strong grip, suitable for very windy areas or for heavy items.

Long 76mm length: Longer pegs suitable for very large items or where a deeper grip is required, but length from pivot hinge means they can slide around with standard items

*note that some old wire lines may catch the clothing with the firm grip on the stainless pegs.

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