Reusable Metal Coffee Stirrers

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Reusable 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Coffee Stirrer.

How good is the first sip of perfectly brew caffeine gold that is at just the right temperature...yum!

But if you are a maybe a tad impatient like me and run off too quickly there is nothing worse than getting to the bottom of a slightly bitter coffee just take that last gulp of sugary goop because you didn't have your personal, reusable, sparkling coffee stirrer...

Quick confession: I don't think there is such a thing as a Reusable Steel Coffee Stirrer... These are actually cocktail swizzle sticks, that double as pretty fancy looking coffee stirrer if you ask me!

How many of us carry reusable straws around now, or a Reusable Coffee Cup? So why shouldn't we have the option to add a Reusable 'Drink' Swizzle Stick?

Considering a cafe can buy a bag of 1000 plastic stirrers for around $5 most will continue to think in terms of short-term budgets rather than saving the planet. Meaning it is not likely that many will be changing to sustainable options anytime soon, which leaves it up to the us to make better choices.

We will include a free carry bag for single stirrer purchases and we will also these to our Reusable Straw Bonus Buy Deal so you can mix and match it up!

Colours: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver.

Size: 19cm