Eco-friendly Forever Eyebrow and Eyelash Brushes

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Are you sick of finding random and dirty eyelash brushes in the bottom of your purse or make up bag? Our reusable eyebrow and eyelash brushes are made of environmentally friendly silicone and fit perfectly in their own little case.

The case is 97mm long, so it easily fits in a makeup bag or purse. The brushes are amazing for eyelash extension care and separating eyelashes for mascara application. The eyebrow brush really helps when shaping your eyebrows into the perfect shape you are looking for.

The brushes come in five different colours, baby pink, rose pink, charcoal grey, purple and army green.

These brushes are very easy to clean, you just wash them how you would a makeup brush, with face wash or just soapy water. A quick scrub and they are ready to go again.

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