Nespresso Reusable Coffee Capsule - Standard Model

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Relax and enjoy your morning coffee while knowing you have started the day by doing something good for the environment!

Note: These are easy to use and they do make a decent cup of coffee, but be sure to check out our full Nespresso Compatible Range.

If you are a full coffee connoisseur who is after that really good caffeine hit you might want to check out our Premium Stainless Steel Pods.

If you are not sure which refillable capsule is right for you we have a handy Coffee Pod Comparison Table to help show you the differences between the coffee pod style and help you decide which will give you the caffeine hit you require.

Simply fill the reusable capsule with your favourite blend of fresh espresso grinds.

Lower your costs, double your value and increase your personal choices.

  • Cleans easily under running water.
  • Lid with silicone O-Ring for a snug fit.
  • Plastic is BPA free.
  • Designed for high temperatures.
  • Size: 37mm x 23.5mm x 30mm.
  • Food grade pp+ stainless steel mesh.

Compatible with machines: Essenza & Essenza Krups, U & Umilk, Lattissima & Lattissma+, Inissia, Pixe, CitiZ & CitiZ Milk, Gran Maestria, Maestria, Concept, Le Cube
NOT compatible with: Nesspress Vertuoline, Dolce Gusto, Nespresse Essenza C100, Nespresso Krups CITIZ TYPE XN 7006
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