Premium Silver Double Edge Adjustable Razor

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Premium high quality Eco-friendly razor! If you're ready to stop using plastic disposable razors forever, this is the perfect razor to make the switch with!

Made of zinc alloy with matte chrome, and with 5 titanium coated blades, this razor has a double edge and is adjustable, so you can get the exact kind of shave you want. You can set your preference depending on how close of a shave you want! You'll be amazed at the high quality difference that a razor like this makes, if you're used to plastic razors! On top of giving you a great shave, the razor is stylish and makes a great gift!


Item: Type Razor / Shaver
Model Number: RD728
Adjustable Levels: 1 - 6
Material: Zinc Alloy
Colour: Silver
Size: 10.8cm x 5cm x 1.3cm(approx)
Blades: 5 x Titanium Blades included
Made in USA

Leading QSHAVE Branded Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor.

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