No Dull Shaves with Titanium Blade Refills

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What to make sure you are getting the best sustainable shave ever?

If you are using a safety razor and want to make sure you're using the perfect blade for your perfect smooth shave, we have made it easy to find out with our NEW 8 Blade Sampler Pack.

The Sampler Pack comes with four different brands with 2 x double sided razor blades from each!

Find your close shave with this selection of carefully selected premium qualtiy razor blade refill packs.

They're easy to install in your razor and are double sided for a smooth shave. You'll love the durability and longevity of these blades and will notice a difference the first time you use them. There's nothing better than a close, quality shave. So skip the barbershop, stay home, and achieve the results you want!

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