Nespresso Coffee Tamper Stainless Steel

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The Nespresso Coffee Tamper is your reusable pods best companion.

This handsome stainless steel tool can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and is made of 100% complete stainless steel.

This beautiful little plunger allows you to get the most out of your coffee and has so many benefits including:

Darker, richer taste

The tamper allows you to tightly press the grounds in your pod together, which keeps water from flowing too quickly through the coffee. Compacted grounds retains water twice as long, giving the hot water more time settle with the grounds, creating a stronger, bolder taste for those who like their coffee extra black.

Less Coffee needed, more money saved

You can save on half your coffee usage using the tamper to compact the grounds. A typical person can easily go through 12 containers of coffee, or 36 bags of coffee per year. Imagine cutting that down to 6 containers and 18 bags of coffee? It literally pays for itself within a few months.

Green Effort

Apart from saving money, pressed grounds, when using the Tamper, helps cut back hundreds of plastic containers and bags used to package coffee. It’s a small action that has huge results on our earth.

Easy to clean

You can use the tamper multiple times before needing to clean it. When you’re ready to wash it, simply run it in your dishwasher or clean it with soap and hot water.

304 Grade Stainless Steel Tamper suits all Nespresso Refillable Pods

Size: 8cm x 3cm

Weight: 105 grams

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