Natural Black Volcanic Foot Scrubbing Stone

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Volcanic stones have been used for centuries as exfoliants. The light, porous structure of volcanic stone makes it perfect for gently scrubbing away dead skin on your feet. Each Natural Black Volcanic stone includes a cord for easy handling in the shower.

For best results, use towards the end of a warm shower or bath. Gently rub the stone against the areas of your feet that need rescue the most and watch as it scrapes away callouses and peeling areas.

These stones are a bathroom staple for many, and are also a great addition to gift baskets or care packages. You'll love the natural aesthetic and source of these stones and will marvel at the softness that results from their use.

Everybody deserves to pamper themselves, and these volcanic stones are a great part of your personal care kit. They're quick to dry and can be hung in the shower for convenient access. If you've got a partner or family, you can even get one for each member of the house!

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