Natural Eco-friendly Glass and Bottle Scrub Brush

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Eco-friendly glass and bottle scrubber! This soft yet durable brush is perfect for cleaning bottles, glasses and dishes. Perfect for mugs and dishware, bowls, cups and more. Made of coconut fiber bristles with a wooden head, they are designed to be flexible, allowing scrubbing from all positions.These brushes replace the disposable scrub sponges which don't clean as well and contribute to the pollution in our land fills.

Natural Coconut Fibre Dish Cleaning Glass & Bottle Brush.

Soft yet durable coconut fiber bristles flexible brush head allows for scrubbing from all positions.

The coconut fiber dish brush is flexible & easily reaches into corners and crevices to clean plates, bowls, cups, mugs and other dishware and glassware.

Type: Long Glass & Bottle Brush Only.
Bristles material: coconut fiber.
Brush head material: wood.