Natural Bristle Face Exfoliating Brush

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When you use our Natural Bristle Face Exfoliating Brushes, you can know that you are reducing your plastic waste and are helping the environment. People have started waking up the climate and environmental crisis that is occurring and have created a demand for environmentally friendly beauty products.

Ditch the plastic with these beautifully made brushes. Each is made from materials sourced in a sustainable manner. We put care into each product to ensure that it's every bit as good as the plastic options, but without the environment-killing plastic. The bristles are gentle enough for use on your face and are great at simulating the skin.

Our oceans and rivers are full of discarded single use plastic items. There's no reason to rely on these outdated and toxic materials when we have so many natural and wonderful alternatives open to us. We know that once you try this product, you'll notice a difference in quality and in your attitude towards sustainable products. You'll feel good reducing the amount of plastic that is going into the environment and will be able to talk to friends and relatives about ways that they can switch to more environmentally friendly options as well!

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