Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Filter (filter only)

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Make Cold Brew Coffee With This Awesome Mason Jar Stainless Steel, 100 Micron, Dutch Weave Filter!

FITS QUART AND HALF GALLON MASON JARS | This cold brew coffee maker system is perfect for making your favorite coffee beverage: cold brew coffee!

USE WHAT YOU HAVE | The Mason Jar Filter has a durable frame made of stainless steel that allows it to easily, yet firmly, screw onto your mason jar (mason jar not included). The stainless steel wiring filter system is specifically designed to help bring out every natural flavor in your coffee after it has soaked for hours in cold water.

THE 100 MICRON DUTCH WEAVE FILTER | Created using the dutch weave, the filter’s screen is much more detailed with the openings smaller than typical filtering screens. This allows minimal grounds to escape into the coffee, while still allowing the natural flavor to seep through into the water.

The filter allows for a pleasant coffee making experience, with minimal mess to worry about. It is also ideal for brewing coffee on the road and makes for a wonderful travel companion.

COLD BREW FOR THE WEEK | The one quart wide mouth mason jar (946 mls so basically 1ltr) is perfect for making cold brew concentrate, but that’s not all, the stainless steel filter also works great as an infuser in a two quart mason jar (1892 mls but we can round to 1900 mls).

NO PLASTIC | No need to worry about BPA or other potentially harmful chemicals since our designer lid, heavy-duty filter, and durable glass mason jar are all-plastic free.

EASY TO MAKE | No delicate measures and temperatures to navigate, simply put 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds into the filter and allow them to soak in room temperature overnight. Awaken the next morning to your own premium cold brew coffee!

Learn more about cold brewing here.


Inner diameter: 74mm

Outer diameter: 80mm

Height: 150mm;

(210 mm not available yet)

Care instructions

The cold brew filtering system is easy to clean and take care of. Wash thoroughly in warm soapy water and scrub brush. Rinse well and allow to air dry.