Premium Black Adjustable Double Edge Razor

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Are You Wondering?

How many of your disposable razors are now sitting, not breaking down, in a landfill somewhere?

Could the amount of money you spend each month on non-sustainable razors be vastly reduced?

If you are wasting a lot of your money on razors with multiple blades stacked on top of each other when it only takes ONE blade to shave hair?

Why Use Our Safety Razor?

Single blade safety razors shaved millions of people for many years with astounding results and are not only sustainable and a vast improvement for the environment but give a great smooth shave.

Current plastic-based razors are expensive, and do not break down in landfills. Given that it is only the first blade that cuts the hair, modern razors with 2,3,4 and 5 blades are now seen as redundant.

Leading Q SHAVE Branded Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor.

1 x Adjustable Razor with six settings for mild to aggressive shaving, plus 5 double sided titanium blades.

  • Snap top helps maintain blade setting preference during blade change.
  • Matte chrome plated over zinc.
  • Titanium coated blades included. Made in USA.
  • Handle length is 8.25cm.
  • Razor weight is 90g.
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