Eco-Friendly Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaning Brush

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Reusable straws are booming in popularity. If you're dedicated to lessening your impact on the environment, you're sure to have a few reusable straws at home and the office, but cleaning them can be a pain. Finding cleaning items made out of sustainable items is also really difficult, as a lot of brushes are made with plastic.

These Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaning Brushes are perfect for keeping your drinking straws clean and clear from debris or contaminants. We've made the brushes from eco-friendly coconut fiber instead of plastic bristles, and they work just as well.

We've become aware of the plastic pollution in the world's oceans, and we want to do our part as well. We believe that these sustainable brushes will help you in your own mission to reduce plastic waste in your life and lessen your footprint on the Earth. These brushes are perfect for taking with you on the go to keep your straw clean. If you've giving someone a gift set of straws, these brushes make a great add on as

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