Dolce Gusto Lumio Compatible Stainless Steel Refillable

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When it comes to coffee pods, we all know that they can be wasteful, especially if you love to make yourself a lot of coffee. Those pods pile up in the trash pretty quick.

Take a look at this refillable coffee pod. Once you use it, you can keep on using it over and over again. With the stainless steel construction, it's also very easy to keep clean, just wash it like any other utensil in your kitchen. Stick it in the dishwasher and come back to a fresh and ready to use pod when it's time for your next cheerful cup of caffeinated bliss!

Most unique of all, you can come up with your own personalized blends of coffee to run through your maker. Ever think of experimenting around with different coffees? Make your own one-of-a-kind expression of personality that you love? Well, now you can put that in your own pod and make yourself something hot and special. Be sure to buy more than one so you always have one on hand. Don't keep spending money on pods that just get used and chucked in the trash!

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