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Dolce Gusto Refillable - Standard Value Pod

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Reusable, Refillable Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules

Love a cup of your favourite dolce gusto but do not want to keep on buying those pre-filled coffee pods that you can’t reuse? No worries when you have the Dolce Gusto Refillable Collection - Standard Pod ready for you use again and again!

  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN so that you can get to enjoy your favourite brand of brew without having to spend a lot of time cleaning your pod.
  • CONVENIENT AND REUSABLE which means that you do not just get to save on cost from buying pre-filled pods but also save the environment!
  • USING PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL , they are eco-friendly and safe to use along with its food grade pp and stainless-steel mesh.

Better get this chic container today!

Not sure which? Check out ourStandard Crema ComparisonChart Here.

Or wanna go premium? Check out ourStainless Steel Dolce Gusto Capsule.

Size: 52.5mm x 39mm x 35.5mm

Material: Food Grade PP + 304 Stainless Steel Mesh.

See picture for compatible with all standard Dolce Gusto machines.

100% BPA Free; 100% Recyclable; 100% Awesome 👌

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