Biodegradable Sisal Fiber Scrubbing Pad 3pk

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Just as it is important to replace your kitchen sponge after it's been in use for a while, it is also important to remove any scrubbing pads. It's good for your dishes to have newer supplies on a regular basis. That's why this pack contains three scrubbing pads! If you finish using one, another one will be available to you, saving you time.

Replacing material items all the time can be less than ideal for the environment. Instead of being made from artificial materials and chemicals, these scrubbing pads are made of sisal fibre! They're natural and biodegradable.

Sisal is a type of agave native to Mexico. It is a popular fiber cultivated in many different countries because it produces a stiff fiber useful in many applications, such as this one. Sisal has also been a popular material for creating decorative goods.

If you're looking to incorporate more natural consumption choices into your lifestyle, the kitchen is a good place to start. Wash your dishes with these efficient and eco-friendly sisal scrubbing pads.

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