Bamboo Washable Reusable Menstrual Pads - Single

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We don't think a heavier period should mean heavier costs!

One price for all sizes of single reusable sanitary pads, you don't get penalised here ladies 😉

Seriously ladies all you have to do is check out the reviews for these pads to see that reusable period products are a no brainer!

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Reusable Pads Feature:

  • High quality and long-lasting,
  • Fashionable and discreet black design,
  • TPU leakproof and waterproof outer layer,
  • No strings sticking out. 
  • Soft bamboo cotton.
  • Eco-friendly: washable and reusable.
  • Economical: can use for 3-5 years.
  • Easy to clean: rinse in cold water, machine wash and dry.

Usage: Open the reusable sanitary pads, then put it on your underwear and close the snap button.

Plus cute matching reusable, washable wet bag also available to conveniently hold and organize your sanitary napkins.

Material Layers

Upper layer:
A layer of soft and smooth charcoal bamboo against your skin, they are naturally deodorising, breathable and antibacterial.

Inner layer:
Small size has 1 layer of microfiber.
Medium and large sizes have 2 layers.
Extra large size has 3 layers, so they are super absorbent.

Outer layer:
One waterproof layer of thermally coated PLU (TPU) backing to prevent leaks.


The wings have 1 or 2 snap sets allowing them to be clipped around underwear for extra security.
Reusable Sanitary Pads Available in 4 Sizes:
Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large / Plus Carry Bag also available.
We suggest you take the measurements of a pad you currently use and compare for best sizing option.  Pad measurements are of the centre pad and do not include the size of the wings.
  • Small: 20cm × 6cm (panty liner)
  • Medium: 24cm × 7cm (regular/light flow)
  • Large: 29cm × 7.5cm (heavy flow)
  • XLarge/Maternity: 34cm × 8cm (very large pads, suitable for heavy overnight or maternity pads / postpartum pads)
  • Carry Bag Size: Approx. 18cm x 14cm.
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