Bamboo Toothbrush - Made Consciously

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With soft, eco-friendly, optimum fine bristles, the bamboo toothbrush is perfect for all ages’ teeth and gums. Its solid bamboo handle is biodegradable, lightweight and easy to grip. This bamboo toothbrush will help eliminate the most prevalent forms of plastic pollution, plus it looks stylish in your bathroom and comes in an environmentally friendly packaging.

Please note all toothbrush bristles are nylon. We have so far not been able to find any biodegradable toothbrush bristles, I have personally talked to over 40 of the largest manufacturers and even though many of them advertise charcoal, bamboo or other biodegradable bristles... When questioned on their certifications they will quickly admit they are simply black, or other nylon bristles. Some say they use charcoal to colour the nylon black, but that is the closest to natural bristles we have found so far. Cheers 🙂

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