Why We Are Intentionally Sustainable - Our Mission

Are You Socially & Environmentally Conscious?

Would You Like To:

  • Save Money On Your Weekly Shopping?
  • Reduce Your Exposure To Toxins Like BPA?
  • Reduce Your Impact On The Environment?
  • Reduce The Amount Of Rubbish Going To Landfill?

Welcome to Intentionally Sustainable! We are about less blame and less guilt, with more solutions! We are about being proactive and living with Intention as simply as possible.

Our mission is to replace cheap, toxic, disposable items with quality, long lasting, sustainable items. We will provide informative and accessible starting steps for every home to begin the journey of Reducing Single Use Items - so we can all Live Less Out Of Habit and More Out Of Intention!

Based in the lovely Mount Maunganui, we are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated with secure and simple NZ checkout.

We order our products in bulk, using only premium, verified manufacturers and specifically request they are sent without packaging. Once received we individually package each item ourselves to ensure quality control, before the your orders are carefully eco-packed to be sent to you.

We're excited to share our collection of innovative, high quality, sustainable and reusable products. Each item has been specifically selected to target the in-home Single Use Items that are the biggest contributors to the Plastic Pollution Crisis.

We aim to inspire small achievable steps that encourage every human to shop and live with more intention.

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